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Jianan Li has joined for his Ph.D.

Jianan got the Chinese Government Scholarship by the CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council). Congratulations! He will focus on iron complex synthesis and iron-catalysis. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Arnar Gudmundsson has joined the group as an exchange Ph.D. student

Arnar is doing his Ph.D. in the Bäckvall group and will work in our group for three month. During this time he will focus on the modification of iron-complexes and their application in cycloisomerizations.

Asli's paper was accepted for publication in Chemistry - An Asian Journal!

The successful use of the nucleophilic iron complex Bu4N[Fe(CO)3(NO)] (TBA[Fe]) as a proton‐transfer catalyst in the cyclocondensation reaction between azides and ketones is reported. The reason for the formation of 1,2,3-triazoles instead of the C−H amination product seems to be a significantly faster proton‐transfer catalysis than the nitrene‐transfer catalysis. An example of a successful sequential Dimroth triazole–indoline synthesis to the corresponding triazole‐substituted indolines is presented. Good work, Asli! Congratulations! DOI

Annika's review was accepted for publication in Catalysis Science & Technologie!

Intramolecular aminations of C–H bonds represent an elegant synthetic way to form important N-heterocycles. Organometallic complexes allow to catalyze the C–H amination under mild conditions. In this review, the most important developments to this field of research concerning Fe-catalysts are summarised and categorized by open-shell (radical) and closed-shell (non-radical) mechanisms. Congratulations! DOI

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Lei completed his Ph.D.

Lei has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations and all the best for your future!

Double strike: Pascal´s and Annika´s paper on cyanide-free synthesis of acylcyanides and carbene transfer chemistry went online at the same day! Check it out.....!

DOI         DOI

Pascals, Michaels and Shih-Fans paper was accepted by ChemistryOpen!

Their publication describes a facile Ru-catalysed way of accessing acylcyanides by oxidation of the corresponding benzonitriles. This allows for a completely cyanide-free synthesis of acylcyanides. The in-situ generated acylcyanides were further elaborated by subsequent nucleophilic substitutions (O-, S- and N-nucleophiles) and a sequential C-H oxidation-Tishchenko-rearrangement. Well done, guys, congratulations! DOI

Annikas and Isas paper was accepted for publication in ChemCatChem!

Annikas and Isas work on TBAFe-catalysed carbene insertions into N-H, S-H and Si-H bonds was accepted by ChemCatChem. Whereas silanes as substrates give good yields, amines and thiols were converted to the corresponding products with excellent results. Moreover, indications for a substrate-dependant mechanisms were found. Very good work, Annika and Isa! Congratulations! DOI

Lei's paper has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie!

Lei's enantioselective total synthesis of the guaiane sesquiterpenes (-)-Englerin A and B was accepted by Angewandte Chemie. The synthesis features state-of-the-art catalytic and organocatalytic methods leading to a very short 12-step route to Englerin A and B. Well done, Lei! Congratulations! DOI

Jan Nowak started his Master Thesis.

Jan started to work on iron catalysis for his master thesis. Welcome and a lot of fun in the lab!

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Entwicklung neuer übergangsmetallkatalysierter Reaktionen zum gezielten Aufbau von neuen C-C-, C-N-, C-S- und C-O-Bindungen, asymmetrische Synthese, Entwicklung einer parallelen, automatisierbaren, modularen Kohlenhydratsynthese zum Aufbau strukturell definierter Substanzbibliotheken, Naturstoffsynthese.

Development of transition metal catalyzed reaction for the selective generation of new C-C-, C-N-, C-S- and C-O-bonds; asymmetric synthesis; development of a parallel, automatable, modular carbohydrate synthesis for the generation of a structural defined substance library; natural product synthesis.