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Isabel´s paper on the Fe-catalyzed C(sp2)-H-amination has been accepted as VIP-paper in Angewandte...

Congratulations to Isabel! Her work on the direct intramolecular amination of C(sp2)-H-bonds using TBA[Fe] as a catalyst was accepted as a VIP-paper in Angewandte Chemie. Isabel was able to expand the application scope of the electron-rich ferrate catalyst to the activation of azides, the direct amination of adjacent C-H-bonds results in the formation of synthetically useful building block like indoles or carbazoles. This is a significant new facette of TBA[Fe]´s catalytic portfolio...!!

Che-Hung´s invited account in Israel Journal of Chemistry is accepted...

Che-Hung´s account on Fe-catalyzed activations of vinyl- and arylcyclopropanes has been accepted for publication in Israel Journal of Chemistry as part of a special issue dedicated to the activation of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes (guest editors: Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Reissig and Prof. Dr. Daniel Werz). Good job, Che-Hung...

Berenice paper on a partial dearomatization of naphtols using Fe-catalyzed allylic alkylations was published in Synthesis as a Feature Article...

Congrats to Berenice on her results on a partial dearomatization strategy using Bu4N[Fe(CO)3(NO)] (TBA[Fe]) as a catalyst, which was published in Synthesis as a Feature Article (DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1560909).

The reaction allows both the intra- as well as intermolecular selective C-allylation of naphtols to the corresponding ketones possessing quarternary stereocenters. This is a new reaction manifold and we are excited about the new perspectives in Fe-catalyzed allylations...

Lei has joined the group for his Ph.D.


Che-Hung's, Dominik's, Johannes K's, Johannes T's and Fabian's Paper on "Non-decarbonylative photochemical versus thermal activation of Bu4N[Fe(CO)3(NO)] – the Fe-catalyzed Cloke-Wilson rearrangement of vinyl and arylcyclopropanes" is online available


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Entwicklung neuer übergangsmetallkatalysierter Reaktionen zum gezielten Aufbau von neuen C-C-, C-N-, C-S- und C-O-Bindungen, asymmetrische Synthese, Entwicklung einer parallelen, automatisierbaren, modularen Kohlenhydratsynthese zum Aufbau strukturell definierter Substanzbibliotheken, Naturstoffsynthese.

Development of transition metal catalyzed reaction for the selective generation of new C-C-, C-N-, C-S- and C-O-bonds; asymmetric synthesis; development of a parallel, automatable, modular carbohydrate synthesis for the generation of a structural defined substance library; natural product synthesis.