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Entwicklung neuer übergangsmetallkatalysierter Reaktionen zum gezielten Aufbau von neuen C-C-, C-N-, C-S- und C-O-Bindungen, asymmetrische Synthese, Entwicklung einer parallelen, automatisierbaren, modularen Kohlenhydratsynthese zum Aufbau strukturell definierter Substanzbibliotheken, Naturstoffsynthese.

Development of transition metal catalyzed reaction for the selective generation of new C-C-, C-N-, C-S- and C-O-bonds; asymmetric synthesis; development of a parallel, automatable, modular carbohydrate synthesis for the generation of a structural defined substance library; natural product synthesis.

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Pascal L. Roßberg started his Master Thesis!!

 Pascal joined the group for his master thesis. He will work on the PPAP project. Have a great time and welcome to the group!!

Christian Seifried joined the group!!

Christian started his Ph.D. in our group. He will work on natural product synthesis as well as catalysis. Good luck to you and welcome in the group.

Plietker-Group moved to Dresden!!!

Finally we can announce that our moving to Technische Universität Dresden was succesfully. Officially we are at TU since April 1, 2020 but because of the Corona-Pandemia the moving was delayed according to the restrictions. Our group is replacing the Metz group in the Department of Organic Chemistry (Chair of Organic Chemistry I) and we're looking forward to our time in this new scientific surrounding.

Fabi's and Franzi's paper was published in Catalysis Science & Technology

Their publication describes the efficient stereoselective hydroboration of internal alkynes using the Fe-H complex FeH(CO)(NO)(PPh3)and either pinacolborane or bis(pinacolato)diboron. The boron source is essential for a mechanistic dichotomy and therefore for the regioselectivity. Good work, Fabi and Franzi! Congratulations! DOI

Asli's paper was accepted for publication in European Journal of Organic Chemistry!

A catalytic method for the direct intramolecular amination of aryl vinyl azides to give the corresponding indole derivatives is described. The nucleophilic Fe‐complex Bu4N[Fe(CO)3(NO)] (TBA[Fe]) is used as catalyst and the procedure leads to good to excellent yields. Good work, Asli! Congratulations! DOI

Marie's paper was published in Organic Letters!

The catalytic cyclopropanation of enynes to substituted propargyl cyclopropanes under thermal/photochemical conditions is described. In this method diazoesters are used as carbene surrogates and the nucleophilic Fe-complex Bu4N[Fe(CO)3(NO)] (TBA[Fe]) as catalyst. Good work, Marie! Congratulations! DOI

Pascal's and Franzi's paper was published in Chemistry-A European Journal!

The catalytic and selective deuteration of polyfunctional organic molecules using [RuCl2(PPh3)3] and D2O is described. By changing the additive and the amount of zink powder, orthogonal chemoselectivities are observed. Good work, Pascal and Franzi! Congratulations! DOI

Jianan Li has joined for his Ph.D.

Jianan got the Chinese Government Scholarship by the CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council). Congratulations! He will focus on iron complex synthesis and iron-catalysis. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Arnar Gudmundsson has joined the group as an exchange Ph.D. student

Arnar is doing his Ph.D. in the Bäckvall group and will work in our group for three month. During this time he will focus on the modification of iron-complexes and their application in cycloisomerizations.

Asli's paper was accepted for publication in Chemistry - An Asian Journal!

The successful use of the nucleophilic iron complex Bu4N[Fe(CO)3(NO)] (TBA[Fe]) as a proton‐transfer catalyst in the cyclocondensation reaction between azides and ketones is reported. The reason for the formation of 1,2,3-triazoles instead of the C−H amination product seems to be a significantly faster proton‐transfer catalysis than the nitrene‐transfer catalysis. An example of a successful sequential Dimroth triazole–indoline synthesis to the corresponding triazole‐substituted indolines is presented. Good work, Asli! Congratulations! DOI

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