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Claudia's, Asli's and Frank's work on the bioactivity of trans-B-type PPAPs was accepted for publication by Angewandte Chemie.

Claudi's, Asli's and Frank's paper was accepted by Angewandte Chemie. The investigations into the bioactivity of trans-B-type PPAPs were done in collaboration with the Götz group of the Department of Microbial Genetics of the University of Tübingen. They were able to identify four promising compounds with an outstanding activity against MRSA and VRE strains out of a library of 23 natural and non-natural PPAPs. Congratulations! DOI

Marina and Marion have finished their M. Sc. theses...

Congratulations, Marion and Marina!

Tabea, Maria and Julian have finished their B. Sc. theses...

Congratulations! We all wish you a lot of success for your master studies!

Johannes' review on Fe-catalysed cycloisomerisations was published by the Israelian Journal of Chemistry.

Cycloisomerisations allow for the synthesis of complex molecules starting from easily accessible polyunsaturated compounds. So far, the use of base metal catalysts for this type of transformation is still underrepresented. In this review, the most important contributions to this field of research concerning Fe-catalysts are summarised. DOI

Sven Scholz has finished his Ph. D. thesis!

Sven has finished his Ph. D. Congratulations! All the best wishes for you and your family!

Franziska was awarded the "Preis der Freunde der Universität Stuttgart"

Franzi was awarded the "Preis der Freunde der Universität Stuttgart" for her outstanding M. Sc. degree. Congratulations, Franzi!

Tabea joined the group for her B. Sc. thesis.

Welcome Tabea! Have a nice time in the lab!

Isabel's and Claudia's paper on Fe-catalysed intramolecular aminations of C(sp3)-H-bonds has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie.

Isa's and Claudi's iron-catalysed intramolecular C(sp3)-amination of alkylarylazides has been accepted by Angewandte Chemie. This reaction uses our nucleophilic catalyst TBAFe ([Bu4N][Fe(CO)3(NO)]) which activates aromatic azides to give rise to various five- and six-membered nitrogen-containing heterocycles. Congratulations for your excellent work! DOI

From wind energy to energy storage - our cooperative graduate school "Windy Cities" started!

Our cooperative graduate school "Windy Cities" started! Twelve Ph. D. students working in the field of chemical energy storage, technical chemistry, wind energy, turbine simulation, 3D-city simulations, etc. are collaborating in order to develop a new strategy towards carbon-neutral cities using a scalable, dynamic chemical energy storage in connection with small wind turbines.

For more informations see:

Maria and Julian have joined the group for their bachelor theses.

Welcome Maria and Julian! We wish you a lot of fun in the lab!

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Entwicklung neuer übergangsmetallkatalysierter Reaktionen zum gezielten Aufbau von neuen C-C-, C-N-, C-S- und C-O-Bindungen, asymmetrische Synthese, Entwicklung einer parallelen, automatisierbaren, modularen Kohlenhydratsynthese zum Aufbau strukturell definierter Substanzbibliotheken, Naturstoffsynthese.

Development of transition metal catalyzed reaction for the selective generation of new C-C-, C-N-, C-S- and C-O-bonds; asymmetric synthesis; development of a parallel, automatable, modular carbohydrate synthesis for the generation of a structural defined substance library; natural product synthesis.