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Welcome to the Plietker Research Group

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Felix is joining the group for his M. Sc. thesis.

Welcome, Felix! Felix is going to work on Fe catalysis. We all wish you a nice time in the lab as well as a lot of success for your chemistry.

Franzi Schumacher has finished her M. Sc. thesis!

Franzi 2 has successfully finished her undergraduate studies. Congratulations, Franzi! Before she is going to pursue her Ph. D. in our group, she will be at Merck in Darmstadt for an internship. We all wish you a lot of fun there!

Daniel, Niklas and Alexander have finished their B. Sc. theses.

The three guys have successfully finished their Bachelor studies! The group wishes you all the best for your M. Sc. studies.

Che-Hung has finished his Ph. D.!

Congratulations, Che-Hung! All of us wish you the best for your future!

Marina Fuhrer has joined the group for her Ph. D.

Marina has returned to the group for her Ph. D. Welcome back! Marinas work will be focused on Fe-catalysis as well as natural product synthesis.

Isabel has finished her Ph. D.!

Isabel has finished her Ph. D.! Congratulations, Isa! We all wish you a lot of new things to learn and also a lot of fun for your postdoc in the Ward group at Basel!

Min Zheng has joined the group for a Ph. D. thesis.

Min will be doing catalysis for her Ph. D. studies. We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Franziska Schumacher has joined the group for her master thesis.

Welcome back to the group, Franzi! "Franzi 2" ;-) is working on catalysis applied in natural product synthesis. We all wish you a lot of success!

Daniel, Niklas and Alexander have joined the group for their B. Sc. thesis.

Daniel is working on Fe-catalysis, Niklas on Mn-catalysis and Alexander is doing natural product synthesis. We wish you a good time while working in the lab and learning new things about chemistry!

Claudia's, Asli's and Frank's work on the bioactivity of trans-B-type PPAPs was accepted for publication by Angewandte Chemie.

Claudi's, Asli's and Frank's paper was accepted by Angewandte Chemie. The investigations into the bioactivity of trans-B-type PPAPs were done in collaboration with the Götz group of the Department of Microbial Genetics of the University of Tübingen. They were able to identify four promising compounds with an outstanding activity against MRSA and VRE strains out of a library of 23 natural and non-natural PPAPs. Congratulations! DOI

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Entwicklung neuer übergangsmetallkatalysierter Reaktionen zum gezielten Aufbau von neuen C-C-, C-N-, C-S- und C-O-Bindungen, asymmetrische Synthese, Entwicklung einer parallelen, automatisierbaren, modularen Kohlenhydratsynthese zum Aufbau strukturell definierter Substanzbibliotheken, Naturstoffsynthese.

Development of transition metal catalyzed reaction for the selective generation of new C-C-, C-N-, C-S- and C-O-bonds; asymmetric synthesis; development of a parallel, automatable, modular carbohydrate synthesis for the generation of a structural defined substance library; natural product synthesis.