Guobao Li, M.Sc.


Room CHE/ 148

Guobao was born in Henan, China, where he studied chemistry and nanomaterials at the Xuchang University, working for Prof. Li on the synthesis of nanoparticles and phthalocyanines. Then he transferred to the Soochow University to complete his master in chemistry with a focus on C-H activation. For his Ph.D. thesis, Guobao decided to join our group to explore the application of ruthenium catalysts in radical organic synthesis. He is working on synthesizing new Ru-catalysts and developing a new C-C bond construction method via the HAT process for now. Apart from the life in the lab, he is also a good cook and likes to make some excellent Chinese food. Moreover, he is a sports enthusiast and loves all ball games (basketball, football, bowling, etc.).