Marina Fuhrer, M.Sc

Email: marina.fuhrer[at]

Room CHE/ 105

Marina was born close to the castle Hohenzollern at the foot of the Swabian Jura and moved to Karlsruhe to become a certified chemical laboratory worker at KIT. Afterwards, she studied chemistry at the University of Stuttgart, where she was immersed in DNA chemistry and natural product synthesis. While interning at James Cook University in Australia, Bayer AG in Wuppertal and UBC in Canada, she researched polymers for the detection of explosives, gained first-hand experience in medicinal chemistry and broadened her experience in ligand and catalyst design. The journey of her PhD in the Plietker Group started in Stuttgart and is continuing in Dresden, where she is working in the fields of iron catalysis, natural product synthesis and catalyst design. Moreover, she is part of the CRC1333, working on synthesizing mesoporous materials and immobilizing homogeneous catalysts to perform molecular heterogeneous catalysis in confined geometries. In her free time, her favorite activity is backpacking to explore the world, different cultures and meet new people.