Niklas Langendorf, M.Sc.

Email: niklas.langendorf[at]

Room 104

Niklas started his chemistry journey in 2014 at the University of Stuttgart, obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in the group of Prof. Plietker on Manganese Catalysis. While continuing with his Master courses, he took a 6-month quick dive into Japanese culture and working environment, while being under the supervision of Prof. Seiji Iwasa in Toyohashi as a research student on the enantioselective Ru-catalyzed cyclopropanation. After returning to Stuttgart, he finished his Master studies in the group of Prof. Peters on enantioselective palladacycle catalyzed Neber-reaction. For his PhD, he joined Prof. Plietker to work on the total synthesis of Spirotryprostain using TBAFe catalysis as a key step. Although being non-religious, he is a member of the Church of Iron since lifting keeps him sane.